Progressive Insulation & Windows

“At the end of each day I go home pretty satisfied that we’re a company of integrity and that we will always do the right thing!”
– Steve Anderson, Owner Progressive Insulation & Windows

When the catastrophic Porter Ranch Gas leak occurred, The Southern California Gas Company called Steve Anderson, owner of Progressive Insulation & Windows, to weatherize 2,400 homes. They knew Progressive understood how to insulate homes creating the Thermal Envelope making an energy-efficient, healthy home. Continue reading “Progressive Insulation & Windows”

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Collin Rigler, Wealth Manager with a Competitive Advantage

Collin Rigler, Senior Vice President at RBC Wealth Management is an extremely successful and confident wealth manager. And he has good reason to be. Collin majored in applied economics, helped take companies public, consults with colleagues that work in the Federal Reserve and has an impressive list of CEO and executive clients in a wide range of industries. But that’s not all. Continue reading “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”

The Chef from Outer Space

LaRue Palmer, former SpaceX Chef describes his journey of feeding 4,000 employees a day, and how that led him to becoming a nutritional expert and diabetes educator.

3W: LaRue – let’s get right down to it. SpaceX? Are you kidding me? That has got to be the coolest place to work, let alone being a chef for Elon Musk and his 4,000 employees! Continue reading “The Chef from Outer Space”

Investing Made for Women!

But strong enough for men too!

Amy Smith of Investor’s Business Daily

Amy Smith is the work horse legend at IBD. She’s had a long run with her radio show How to Make Money in Stocks, and travels the world teaching in IBD’s workshops helping people master the art of investing in the stock market.

Amy is a prodigy who trained under the legendary William O’Neil, one of the legendary investors of all time, right up there with Warren Buffet. William O’Neil is founder of Investor’s Business Daily and The William O’Neil Co. His book How to Make Money in Stocks has sold millions of copies around the world. Continue reading “Investing Made for Women!”

“The Doctor Will See You Now!”

If you live in Santa Clarita and have an urgent need for an eye doctor, you won’t have to travel on the 405 freeway to the Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA because right here in Valencia the Helm Vision Group has one of best eye doctors in the country.

“America is not great because it is diverse, America is diverse because it is great. If you work hard, you will better your situation, and you will succeed in some measure. Regardless of your race or gender, if you want to achieve the American dream what you need is opportunity. Opportunity is the American dream.” Continue reading ““The Doctor Will See You Now!””

Gaming Your Teen’s College Applications:

Unconventional Advice from an Unconventional Mom

As college search season becomes ever-longer and the quest for the right fit for your student ramps up, you have
no doubt absorbed all the conventional wisdom. There’s nothing wrong with that, but not every teen fits a preconceived application form and sometimes following the pack is not the only route to a great school. Here’s a bit of unconventional wisdom from a college professor and mother of three. Continue reading “Gaming Your Teen’s College Applications:”

Leading By Example

How a Young Man Taught Himself & His Entire Family the Rules of Success to Create Lasting Family Wealth

Imagine a hardworking family man. He and his loving supportive wife were able to buy their first home in their 20s and within a decade retire in their 30s because of his financial prowess. Their children are successful
young adults. They are literally living the dream. One day while vacationing in Rome and admiring the Coliseum his wife notices a strange look on her husband’s face. He turns to his wife and tells her he just had an epiphany. Continue reading “Leading By Example”

“Treating people the way you want to be treated.”

Mary Winners of About Senior Solutions

We plan in advance for weddings, but rarely for our death. In fact, we plan most everything in our daily lives from the time we get out of bed and sometimes the night before.

We have many tools to help us organize our lives but not one of them is about planning for the slow, inevitable decline of our physical health and our mental clarity. Continue reading ““Treating people the way you want to be treated.””

Building Lasting Family Wealth

Imagine a loving family in the typical everyday struggle of earning money, keeping the family happy and healthy and raising loving children into adulthood. They grow considerable wealth and enjoy the benefits of the assets they’ve acquired. They talk about retirement and leaving a legacy for their children but like 70% of most people in their 50s and beyond, they procrastinate. Finally, the husband decides to book an appointment with an estate planning attorney. Unfortunately, just days before the appointment the husband passes. Continue reading “Building Lasting Family Wealth”

Welcome to The Premier Issue of Wealth I Wisdom I Wellness!

Most of us want to protect our wealth and health by making wise choices and good buying decisions. But that can be challenging as a consumer if we’re not given the opportunity to understand a business beyond its advertisements.

We created Wealth | Wisdom | Wellness to serve as a platform for business owners to connect with our readers by sharing the story of their business. They shared how hard they work to provide excellent service and products and expressed personal, meaningful, and relevant insight on wealth, wisdom and wellness for our readers. Continue reading “Welcome to The Premier Issue of Wealth I Wisdom I Wellness!”