Issue 1 » Welcome to The Premier Issue of Wealth I Wisdom I Wellness!

Most of us want to protect our wealth and health by making wise choices and good buying decisions. But that can be challenging as a consumer if we’re not given the opportunity to understand a business beyond its advertisements.

We created Wealth | Wisdom | Wellness to serve as a platform for business owners to connect with our readers by sharing the story of their business. They shared how hard they work to provide excellent service and products and expressed personal, meaningful, and relevant insight on wealth, wisdom and wellness for our readers.

In so doing, these business owners created something unique and extraordinary; an opportunity for consumers to get to know them beyond price points and advertisements.

On the cover of our premiere issue, we are proud to showcase Sue, Craig and Collin. We found them to be truly inspiring professionals dedicated to perfecting their business and bringing satisfaction to their customers. We hope you enjoy reading their stories and their thoughts on wealth wisdom and wellness. As you get to know them we hope you’ll keep them in mind the next time you are looking to make a good buying decision.

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