Designing the Future of Smiles

By LaRue Palmer

Dr. Siman is an architect of smile design. He is also a world renowned leader in alleviating people’s suffering from TMJ issues such as headaches, migraines, ear congestion, ringing in the ears, neck pain and teeth grinding. He teaches dentists around the world the benefits of building a practice based on first balancing a patients bite by eliminating TMJ issues before designing and only then beautifying their smile. A graduate of UCLA, Eddie Siman received his doctorate from the University of the Pacific in San Francisco. He is the author of two books, Life Changing Transformations and TMJ/ TMD Treatment and Relief. Dr. Siman has transformed the lives of many Hollywood celebrities and has been featured in various media and publications, most recently on “The Doctors” television show featuring his one day smile makeover. Continue reading “Designing the Future of Smiles”

You Can Retire in Style Without Paying Fees or Losing Your Principal

Arif Halaby is the CEO of Total Financial Solutions. Arif is not interested in making you rich, rather he is dedicated to making sure you don’t go broke. He helps you plan for a steady stream of income during your retirement years from indexed products. To retire in style, with the life you want, starts with a visit with Arif and together you can make a plan for perhaps the most important years of your life. Continue reading “You Can Retire in Style Without Paying Fees or Losing Your Principal”

“Can You Hear Me Now?”

Audiologist Dr. Patrice Rifkind Understands How Hearing Care is Health Care

By LaRue Palmer

No one in the Santa Clarita Valley knows more about treatment for hearing loss than Dr. Patrice Rifkind, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology. Dr. Rifkind is owner of Audiology Associates Hearing Center, located right here in the Santa
Clarita Valley for over 15 years. She’s helped thousands of people hear better and communicate with family, friends and business associates. Continue reading ““Can You Hear Me Now?””

Collin Rigler, Wealth Manager with a Competitive Advantage

Collin Rigler, Senior Vice President at RBC Wealth Management is an extremely successful and confident
wealth manager. And he has good reason to be. Collin majored in applied economics, helped take companies public, consults with colleagues that work in the Federal Reserve and has an impressive list of CEO and executive clients in a wide range of industries.

While Collin’s credentials rank in the top of his field, he has an ace up his sleeve; a competitive advantage over most wealth managers. When Collin was managing institutional portfolios, he learned directly from William O’Neil + Co, the data analysis and investing style of its founder, William O’Neil. O’Neil founded Investor’s Business Daily and William O’Neil + Co. which provides investment analysis to top hedge funds and mutual fund managers. Continue reading “Collin Rigler, Wealth Manager with a Competitive Advantage”

Wall Street’s Best Kept Secret

Fractional Life Settlements

Are You Leveraging this Unique Alternative Asset Class?

Brian J. Clark, CRPC, all rights reserved©

3W: I see that Reliant’s slogan is “Bringing Institutional Profitability to Individual Investors.” What does that mean, and who are the institutions investing in assets such as Life Settlements?

Brian: Notable examples would be, Warren Buffett, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and Blackstone. Historically, only institutional investors had access to life settlements because of the large amount of capital and expertise required to do so effectively. But now, thanks to unique legislation here in California, financially qualified investors can now participate in Reliant’s Fractional Life Settlement investment model. That means the individual investor can have the profitability that the institutional investors have. Continue reading “Wall Street’s Best Kept Secret”

“Want to Create Financial Fitness for Life?”

“Organize Prioritize Optimize!”

“The financial wealth industry still thinks it’s in the money management business. It’s not, it’s in the behavioral management business.”
– Bob Donaldson, Founder and CEO of Advisory Group West

Bob Donaldson is an accomplished Chartered Financial Consultant, who crafts personal, specific and clear strategies for families. His 40 years of practice led to the creation of Advisory Group West’s comprehensive educational and behavioral processes for ‘Financial Fitness for Life.’ 3W sat down with Bob at his office in Glendale to talk about his beliefs and philosophies of attaining and maintaining wealth. Continue reading ““Want to Create Financial Fitness for Life?””

California Dreamers

In the media we often see depictions of California health culture; yet it’s a false impression that everyone in our state is obsessed with health, fitness and wellness. The reality is borne out in disturbing statistics that paint a completely different picture of our nation’s state of health. We are increasingly becoming a nation that is physically obese, yet nutritionally starving to death. And the burden that this phenomenon puts on our so-called healthcare system is staggering. Continue reading “California Dreamers”

Batten CLN8: A Disease that Attacks Our Children

It’s important to fully understand the scope of the Sebastian Velona Foundation because it is not about collecting funds to pay for one particular child’s doctor bills.

It is about collecting funds for all children stricken with Batten CLN8 and curing this horrible disease that afflicts many more children than we think.

If Sebastian Velona can’t get treatment it means that other children afflicted by this disease may never receive treatment. And that can’t be acceptable to anyone reading this article. Continue reading “Batten CLN8: A Disease that Attacks Our Children”

How To Increase Your Child’s Employability at Graduation: Classes Alone Are Not Enough

This is the time of year when college campuses around the country are welcoming their newly admitted students – all the happy high school seniors who got their acceptance letters and will soon be freshmen. They flock to campuses with their parents in tow, meet academic advisers, counselors, a few professors, and then tour the dorms and cafeteria with a more critical eye while thinking about roommates, fall class schedules, and extracurricular activities.

Back in the day, that would have been more than enough. But these days parents and their seniors have one more very important box to check – experiential learning. For most institutions, that means some form of an internship, co-op, or service learning. For nearly all, it’s becoming an increasingly important – and increasingly lengthy – part of the undergraduate student experience. Continue reading “How To Increase Your Child’s Employability at Graduation: Classes Alone Are Not Enough”

People Forget what Normal Vision was Like

A Conversation with Dr. Craig Helm

Santa Clarita is a community of parents who love being with one another at their children’s activities. I remember seeing a dad in the stands who couldn’t see his son on the field until a lady lent her glasses to him. He said, “I can actually see my son’s face. I can’t believe I’ve been missing this for so many years.” He asked for the best eye doctor in town and the consensus of the baseball moms was to go see Dr. Helm. Continue reading “People Forget what Normal Vision was Like”

Welcome to The Santa Clarita Family Wealth Summit Issue!

Welcome to the second edition of Wealth Wisdom Wellness as we continue our quest to help families protect their health and wealth by making wise choices and good buying decisions.

Some of the finest business owners in our region have created a unique platform for you to get to know them beyond price points and advertisements. We hope you enjoy reading their stories and collective wisdom on family wealth and health. Continue reading “Welcome to The Santa Clarita Family Wealth Summit Issue!”