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In the media we often see depictions of California health culture; yet it’s a false impression that everyone in our state is obsessed with health, fitness and wellness. The reality is borne out in disturbing statistics that paint a completely different picture of our nation’s state of health. We are increasingly becoming a nation that is physically obese, yet nutritionally starving to death. And the burden that this phenomenon puts on our so-called healthcare system is staggering.

This is the world that is seen in microcosm through the eyes of Dr. Tyra Beavers, successful chiropractor and owner of Chiro-Integrative Health Center of Beverly Hills. For over 22 years Dr. Beavers has been implementing Integrative Medicine philosophy as a holistic foundation for her practice. Health Coach LaRue Palmer joins Dr. Beavers to provide a scalable program of nutrition and lifestyle modification that teaches the body and mind how to heal itself.

LaRue Palmer is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York, and he is also a Certified Diabetes Educator. His career as a culinary chef for Elon Musk of Spacex and Tesla Motors fame provided him the environment to develop and perfect his acumen for nutrition and diabetes self-management education.

What sets them apart is the center’s focus on chiropractic wellness as the initial step to achieving optimal nervous system functionality, improved health, and insulin resistance, which can progress to chronic diseases, beginning with pre-diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and more.

3W: Dr. Beavers, how do you focus health and wellness into your chiropractic treatments?

Dr. Beavers: Chiropractic is an amazing science, but there are other aspects to health that you have to take into consideration when your goal is to make a person well. That means you have to address their diet, their sleep patterns, how much physical exercise they’re getting, their flexibility, all of those things are an integral part of keeping someone well.

Of course chiropractic care is standard protocol for any type of musculoskeletal pain, headaches and other types of ailments but people don’t understand the value in getting regular chiropractic adjustments is that keeping your spine in good alignment allows your nervous system to function at its optimum level.

3W: By systems, what exactly do you mean?

Dr. Beavers: There are 11 major organ systems in the body, including endocrine, respiratory, muscular, circulatory and lymphatic for example. In the spine, each level or vertebrae is innervating a particular organ, whenever there is subluxation or misalignment in that area it can negatively affect the nerve flow going to that system.

3W: So it sounds like the spine is the protective housing if you will, for all the nerves coming down from the brain.

Dr. Beavers: Exactly. The spinal cord is the central message carrier for your nervous system. Problems with the bones that protect the spinal cord can impair nerve flow. When the nervous system is impaired, tissues and organs throughout the body may not work correctly. This “vertebral subluxation complex” is an underlying cause of many health problems.

3W: So how does having a certified health coach and diabetes educator factor into your practice?

Dr. Beavers: Well, LaRue can tell you how his program works, but basically his knowledge and guidance as a certified health coach was a piece of the puzzle missing in my practice. During the medical history portion of my exam in a number of patients, I began noticing that diabetes and obesity were becoming more and more prevalent. I didn’t have the expertise to address that issue, so I decided to hire LaRue. I knew he would be able to help my patients manage and in some cases even reverse their disease.

3W: What type of feedback are you getting from patients who take advantage of your having a health coach as part of your practice?

Dr. Beavers: Oh, it’s been excellent! People are feeling better, I’ve seen visible signs of weight loss, patients becoming more energetic, and they have a much better outlook toward their health. That positivity transfers to other aspects of their lives, which is really cool! And LaRue has told me that some patients have been able to reduce their diabetes medication by incorporating natural supplements.

3W: So, LaRue, tell me about your program.

LaRue: I’ve been developing a program called Dietbetic Healing, which focuses on addressing insulin resistance and managing or reversing Type 2 diabetes. Because of its benefits of weight loss, and how it addresses other chronic diseases, Dietbetic Healing can also help provide positive health outcomes from a modified diet regimen and lifestyle changes. A play on word Dietbetic, implies that adapting a diet regimen involving whole food nutrition can enable the body to heal itself from chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes and more.

As we look forward to a team-based vision of health care, we also have to engage the patient as the optimal team member by making them an accountable partner in their health journey. Health is not the goal, but the starting point for living a thriving, active life throughout.

Dr. Beavers: I agree that patients need to be more accountable and proactive as it relates to their own health outcomes, which is why I recommend that they see me at least twice a year for example, to make sure that they maintain good spinal alignment, so that their bodies are always functioning at an optimal level. I can’t tell you how many times I see patients that wait until they’re suffering before they finally come to see me, and I have to ask them “Why wait until you’re in pain before you come in?”

3W: How does your particular expertise fit in with the medical profession?

LaRue: Most doctors are not trained in preventative measures like nutrition, or diabetes prevention or self-management. So health coaches like myself have an opportunity to partner with doctors and actually be a patient advocate who takes the time to address issues I’m trained in, that a doctor wouldn’t have the time or expertise to address.

Dr. Beavers: I work very closely with medical doctors because they know I can fill in the gaps where they don’t have expertise. In fact, the majority of my referrals come from doctors because my practice is a part of Cedars-Sinai, and they know my work so they refer many patients to me.

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