Newhall Ranch: SCV Boon or Boondoggle?

Part 1: The Housing Crunch

First in a Series by Stephen K. Peeples

Imagine, if you will, a city with the population of Northridge dropped into the backyard of Stevenson Ranch, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Val Verde, and just over a ridge from the Chiquita Canyon Landfill.

But it’s no scene from “The Twilight Zone.”

That’s what’s about to happen, as a massive 21,500-unit mixed-use development called Newhall Ranch is built in the Santa Clarita Valley, along a six-mile stretch of open space off Highway 126 west of Interstate 5 in the northwest corner of unincorporated Los Angeles County. Continue reading “Newhall Ranch: SCV Boon or Boondoggle?”

SOUND ADVICE: Hear Better, Live Better with Nola Aronson

“I want to help you lead a better social life. I will not give up until you can say I changed your life. Otherwise, there’s no sense in doing it.”
– Nola Aronson

By Stephen K. Peeples

I just love helping other people, and creating and growing my business,” said Nola Aronson, owner/CEO of Advanced Audiology in Valencia, the largest diagnostic hearing center in the Santa Clarita Valley. Continue reading “SOUND ADVICE: Hear Better, Live Better with Nola Aronson”

Fred Wachtel Helps Families

By Stephen K. Peeples

“I like being able to guide people on a path to greater wealth.”

As a financial advisor and Vice President – Investments with Wells Fargo Advisors, Fred Wachtel helps his Santa Clarita Valley high-net-worth clients grow their families’ wealth by learning their financial needs, then implementing strategies to help achieve those goals.

“I like money, I like making money, and most of all I like helping others make money and reach their goals,” Wachtel said. “It’s very satisfying personally and professionally to see my clients reach their goals and not have to worry about where money is going to come from in the future. I’m in a good profession. I do what I love and it helps others at the same time.” Continue reading “Fred Wachtel Helps Families”

Health Coach Brings Hipness to His Healing Practice

Hippocratic quotes inspire mission to extend healthspan

Hippocrates is considered by many to be the father of modern medicine, to whom we attribute a number of quotes relevant to medicine, most famous of which is: “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

LaRue Palmer is a career chef turned integrative nutrition health coach, turned diabetes educator, with a mission to teach people to do just that, let food be their medicine and, therefore, their medicine be their food.

Palmer will launch his newly created Dietbetic Healing program early this year as part of Chiro-Integrative Health Center’s restructured chiropractic and wellness practice run by partner Tyra Beavers, DC, in Beverly Hills. Continue reading “Health Coach Brings Hipness to His Healing Practice”

Saenger Associates: First Call for Retained Executive Search

By Stephen K. Peeples

“‘We find great people for great companies’ is more than a tagline for us. That’s what we do.”
– Gary Saenger

When Saenger Associates’ corporate clients need to hire qualified top-level executives, founder Gary Saenger and his team of executive recruiters are first-call.

“We’re the proverbial head-hunter that’s on retainer with a company, and work exclusively and confidentially to find the best candidates to fill those positions,” Saenger said in a recent conversation at his company’s Valencia headquarters.

Saenger Associates is especially expert with companies in the industrial and consumer products sectors, and senior-level positions in the manufacturing supply chain with a minimum annual compensation of $100K, but usually at the $200K-250K level. Continue reading “Saenger Associates: First Call for Retained Executive Search”

IBD’s Amy Smith is Bullish on Short- and Long-Term Trends

Amy Smith of Investor’s Business Daily is the former host of IBD TV’s daily “Market Wrap” video and co-host of the “How to Make Money in Stocks” radio program. Smith also authored the companion book “How to Make Money in Stocks Success Stories,” published by McGraw-Hill in 2013. Smith is an in-demand speaker at national IBD events, sharing her insight into current and future market trends. We were honored to have her as a featured speaker at 3W’s first Santa Clarita Family Wealth Summit in May. We profiled Smith in the premiere issue of Wealth | Wisdom | Wellness, and circled back in mid-December to get her reading on the market as we headed into the first quarter of 2018. Continue reading “IBD’s Amy Smith is Bullish on Short- and Long-Term Trends”

Jeff Brandolino on Building a Brand

From Real Estate Sales to Flipping Investment Properties

Real estate expert Jeff Brandolino, president of the Brandolino Group, Inc., has developed a set of methods and tools to grow his and other local businesses even in an economic downturn.

The Brandolino Group’s story goes back a decade. California’s real estate industry had taken a hard hit over
the first couple years of the Great Recession of 2007. Disappointing job numbers along with stagnant home sales caused many real estate offices around California to shrink.

To keep him and his employees in the real estate business, Brandolino knew something had to change. His vision was to redefine his team’s role as real estate agents by going beyond the scope of a traditional realtor, from sales to investments.

Brandolino aligned his team with a group of private investors to orchestrate the research, acquisition, renovation and sale of distressed properties around Los Angeles County. Continue reading “Jeff Brandolino on Building a Brand”

Family, Flying and Federer

CPA Jorge Perazzo Puts His Clients ‘At Ease’ About Their Finances

By Stephen K. Peeples

Valencia-based Certified Public Accountant Jorge Perazzo heads a full-service accountancy corporation that helps businesses, families and individuals stay in control of their finances.

With more than 25 years’ accounting experience and more than 30 years of information technology expertise, Perazzo knows how to help his high-income clients maintain financial control and put them at ease.

Perazzo can help with anything from paying off a credit card to selling a business, with highly personalized, fast, accurate service.

Among his firm’s specialties are setting up accounting systems, internal controls, tax planning and return preparation, small business consulting, succession and exit planning, and more. Continue reading “Family, Flying and Federer”

Batten CLN8 Update: Genetic Therapy Dream Team Seeks to Save Kids’ Lives

In the last issue of Wealth | Wisdom | Wellness, we put the spotlight on the urgent quest to find a cure for Batten Disease CLN8, a genetic disorder that affects children by attacking and degenerating their nervous systems.

CLN8 and variants like CLN2 and CLN6 are often misdiagnosed because DNA analysis is required for a proper diagnosis. The disorder is usually fatal before a child reaches adulthood.

And we introduced you to a local family that’s fighting CLN8. Valencia parents Teri and Michael E. Fox are witnessing their 14-year-old son Sebastian, nicknamed Sebi, a bright, active, loving child, rapidly lose his ability to walk and talk. Continue reading “Batten CLN8 Update: Genetic Therapy Dream Team Seeks to Save Kids’ Lives”

CT3 Media Brings L.A. Marketing Savvy to SCV

By Stephen K. Peeples

CT3Media is a full-service Los Angeles marketing agency which also has a publishing division putting out products such as Wealth | Wisdom | Wellness magazine and the latest No. 1 seller on Amazon in the Philosophy section, “Atheism Kills” by Barak Lurie.

CT3Media brings the power of L.A.-savvy marketing to benefit Santa Clarita Valley business owners. The agency is a force in the valley, exemplified by its presentation of the Santa Clarita Family Wealth Summit at TPC in May 2017. The summit featured five speakers on the topic of wealth including keynoter Catherine Austin Fitts, a former federal housing commissioner, and Amy Smith from Investor’s Business Daily.

In 2016, CT3Media launched Wealth | Wisdom | Wellness magazine, reaching the highest income households in the Santa Clarita Valley. CT3Media has an impressive list of clients on radio, TV, digital and print such as wealth managers, doctors, attorneys and high-end retailers. Continue reading “CT3 Media Brings L.A. Marketing Savvy to SCV”

The Relationship Between Consumers and Business Owners in 2018

Happy New Year! 2018 is here and regardless of what the future brings, most of us have in the forefront of our minds protecting our wealth and health by making wise choices and good buying decisions. This can be challenging as a consumer if all we know about the businesses in our community are their advertisements. This needs to change because the relationship between businesses in our community and consumers deserves more than the superficial pictures and prices of products and services. It’s imperative for consumers to learn more about a business; who operates the business, what they stand for, what their contribution to the community is, so consumers can make an informed and wise buying decision. Continue reading “The Relationship Between Consumers and Business Owners in 2018”