Issue 3 » CT3 Media Brings L.A. Marketing Savvy to SCV

By Stephen K. Peeples

CT3Media is a full-service Los Angeles marketing agency which also has a publishing division putting out products such as Wealth | Wisdom | Wellness magazine and the latest No. 1 seller on Amazon in the Philosophy section, “Atheism Kills” by Barak Lurie.

CT3Media brings the power of L.A.-savvy marketing to benefit Santa Clarita Valley business owners. The agency is a force in the valley, exemplified by its presentation of the Santa Clarita Family Wealth Summit at TPC in May 2017. The summit featured five speakers on the topic of wealth including keynoter Catherine Austin Fitts, a former federal housing commissioner, and Amy Smith from Investor’s Business Daily.

In 2016, CT3Media launched Wealth | Wisdom | Wellness magazine, reaching the highest income households in the Santa Clarita Valley. CT3Media has an impressive list of clients on radio, TV, digital and print such as wealth managers, doctors, attorneys and high-end retailers.

Stephen: We’re here with SCV resident Chet Thompson, CEO of CT3Media and publisher of Wealth | Wisdom | Wellness magazine, and my first question is why in the world any- one would want to launch a magazine in a city already loaded with magazines? Isn’t print dead?

Chet: No! (laughs) They’ve been saying that for years now, but print, radio and TV are still here. Traditional media is more powerful than ever.

Stephen: Why do you say that?

Chet: Because the businesses with the best stories win. Apple, Virgin, Tom’s shoes and many others proved the best way to tell a story is with traditional radio, print or TV. And a business that tells their story has the best chance of connecting on a personal level to the reader without any carnival-barking advertisements getting in the way. It’s pure content; people/readers appreciate that. That’s our magazine.

Stephen: Haven’t people gone all digital now, getting stories online or via their mobile app?

Chet: Sure, but a beautifully laid-out story with artwork in a magazine held in your hands is far more impressive
and captivating than a digital version on your computer or 4-inch screen on your phone. Besides, with digital you always get interrupted and have to close out the app, but with a printed piece, you can set it on your desk and it’s still right there when you come back. at means more frequency and depth by our readers which is a more effective way for the business owner to connect.

Stephen: What is your mission statement or what are you trying to do with Wealth | Wisdom | Wellness?

Chet: We created the magazine to serve as a platform for business owners to connect with our readers by sharing the story of their business, how hard they work to provide excellent service and products and express personal, meaningful, and relevant insight on family wealth, wisdom, and wellness for our readers.

In so doing, these business owners created something unique and extraordinary; an opportunity for consumers to get to know them beyond price points and advertisements.

Stephen: The business owners have to be selected in order to be in your magazine?

Chet: Yes. We match business owners to the highest income earners in the Santa Clarita Valley by way of proprietary software which we regularly use for our Los Angeles clients. We offer this to select SCV business owners, too. It’s targeting way beyond just digital marketing.

Stephen: So that’s your secret sauce. I’ll bet you can’t or won’t tell me what’s involved.

Chet: What I can tell you is that it is scary how accurately our software can profile and target the exact right customer for a business. But targeting is nothing without a good story. Otherwise you’re just carnival-barking at folks, which wastes the business owner’s ad spend and turns off consumers.

The 2017 Family Wealth Summit team (from left): Chet Thompson, Amy Smith, Collin Rigler, LaRue Palmer, Ben Lizardi, Brian Clark, Catherine Austin Fitts, Arif Halaby, Dr.Tyra Beavers, Bob Donaldson.

Stephen: You’ve spent decades in marketing internationally in Russia, Bangladesh and Japan and have been focused on Los Angeles for the last 18 years. What advice do you give your clients here in the SCV?

Chet: Always be a class act. We tell them to advertise always and only in a media outlet that you would hire to be an ambassador for your company, to deliver your message.

That’s because people judge you based on the messenger you choose. You can’t fool people into thinking you deliver products/services of class and worth if you advertise in a giant piece of junk mail, or use radio, TV, websites and print products that have an overwhelmingly amount of carnival-barking ads with little or questionable content.

Furthermore, choose a media product that will lift your business in good light. If your ads or commercials are the best looking in the entire media product, then the other advertisers should pay you, because you’re the tide that is rising all boats in that media product.

Stephen: Speaking of hiring, what do you look for in a client when they ask you to consult with them?

Chet: We have a cup of coffee with them, we listen, and if we’re interested we’ll do a deep dive and direct their needs to a CT3 solution. We don’t charge for any of that. It’s a free consul- tation. Only if they like our solution do we go to contract with them.

We have an amazing team of Los Angeles professionals – no other company in the Santa Clarita Valley comes close. And we’re affordable, too, because we charge our rates for the market were in. Los Angles is the No. 1 revenue market for media in the nation, but Santa Clarita is not Los Angeles. We understand that, and know how to bring the power of L.A.-savvy marketing into play for the benefit of our Santa Clarita Valley business owners.

Stephen: Tell us about your company’s team of experts.

Chet: As a company we’re blessed to have a staff of professionals who put their own skin in the game. We hold ourselves accountable because we know business owners count on things just like we do.

Stephen: What’s your advice on leadership?

Chet: Ha! I lead by staying out of the way so our team can bring forth the solutions our clients are looking for.

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