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CPA Jorge Perazzo Puts His Clients ‘At Ease’ About Their Finances

By Stephen K. Peeples

Valencia-based Certified Public Accountant Jorge Perazzo heads a full-service accountancy corporation that helps businesses, families and individuals stay in control of their finances.

With more than 25 years’ accounting experience and more than 30 years of information technology expertise, Perazzo knows how to help his high-income clients maintain financial control and put them at ease.

Perazzo can help with anything from paying off a credit card to selling a business, with highly personalized, fast, accurate service.

Among his firm’s specialties are setting up accounting systems, internal controls, tax planning and return preparation, small business consulting, succession and exit planning, and more.

“I’ve been around PCs since the Charlie Chaplin commercials for IBM PCs.”

“We set up accounting systems from scratch including QuickBooks,” Perazzo said. “We prepare complex tax returns, from individual to S-corporations to multi-partner and multi-state partnerships. We represent clients in IRS, EDD and state tax audits, and prepare projections for clients seeking financing or investment partners.

“I love being able to give people information that empowers them to make a good decision,” he said. “That’s why our website’s tagline says we provide ‘Tax Preparation, Accounting Services and Business Consulting Designed for You to Take Control.’”

Perazzo Goes Paperless

There are no rows of filing cabinets lining the walls at Jorge Perazzo, CPA’s cozy third-floor office-with-a-view on Magic Mountain Parkway.

He conducts all his and his clients’ business electronically, using customized accounting software and email.

“We’re paperless, other than what clients give me to prepare a return,” he said. “We scan everything and return the paper to the client, or shred it if they don’t want it. If they ever need a copy, I can email what they need in three clicks.”

Perazzo’s tech savvy goes way back to the dinosaur personal computers of the early 1980s.

“I’ve been around PCs since the Charlie Chaplin commercials for IBM PCs,” he said. “I’m a gadget guy. I always have the latest iPhone, always download the latest updates, use Macs in my office. I go onto a remote server because it’s always backed up and I never have to worry about it and I can access it anywhere.”

Perazzo has a multi-user server he set up so his clients can access it. “They can easily log in and open their QuickBooks account from my server,” he said. “They never have to update the software. And I can access the data at the same time they can.”

Perazzo provides clients more easy-to-use tools at

“They can upload files to our secure portal, get a blank tax organizer, and even have me do a remote session on their computer,” he said. “It’s all so easy. I hear that a lot from new clients. They say, ‘I don’t remember this being this easy with another accountant.’ That’s part of putting my clients at ease.”

‘Tranquilo Para Los Clientes’

Perazzo, who is bilingual (“My Spanish-speaking clients call me ‘Jorge,’ and my English-speaking clients call me ‘George,’” he said), said that the sense of financial stability he creates for his clients might translate to “tranquilo” in Spanish.

“It means calm, tranquil, at ease – how I want my clients to feel,” he said. “Of course, that’s part of trust, but putting them at ease is also an important part of the service I provide.”

Another is close communication. Perazzo spoils his clients by replying to emailed questions quickly, usually within five minutes. Sometimes even nights and weekends.

“It may be crazy, but it’s because I would want an answer that quickly, too,” he said. “I want them to feel at ease, to say, ‘I can always go to Jorge.’ And even if I don’t reply right away, I’m still replying a heck of a lot faster than what my clients are used to from other accountants.”

From Buenos Aires to Santa Clarita Valley

Peggy Perazzo co-pilots the Office of Jorge Perazzo, CPA.

Born in New York, Perazzo grew up from a young age in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved back to the United States in 1982.

In the States, he and his father Jorge Perazzo Sr. in the mid-1980s established a successful import-export business for locomotive parts, which were in big demand in South America and other developing nations across the world at the time. Jorge set up the company’s accounting system using then-new PC’s.

In February 1990, Perazzo joined Burns Audio as controller, serving as a full-charge accountant, overseeing company cash flow management. From July 1992 to July 1994, he handled all accounting for Pro-Fit Distributing, then joined Barry Krowne CPA, which became Krowne & Perazzo CPAs in 2001 when he became partner.

After years of building and refining his accounting skills using cutting-edge technology, and earning the trust of an ever-increasing number of clients, Perazzo launched his own firm in June 2016.

The 2017 Tax Bill

Peggy and Jorge Perazzo are proud parents of Nicolas and Daniela.

In December, Congress passed a massive tax overhaul which the President signed into law.

“My take on the legislation has been and will remain neutral,” Perazzo said.

But he is not convinced the legislation will deliver what the Senators and Representatives promise.

“One thing I am of a strong opinion is that no tax law in U.S. history has ever moved the needle on the economy – for better or worse – in any significant or permanent way with the exception of WPA programs passed after the Great Depression of 1930s,” Perazzo said.

“Politicians tend to oversimplify the relationship between tax cuts and economic growth,” he said. “The U.S. economy has a life of its own of peaks and valleys of recessions and growth periods which are based on many factors. These factors follow for the most part traditional laws of supply and demand of a free-market economy and not changes in tax law. Think of the past few recessions, particularly the last one. These were caused by housing market bubbles and creative stock market instruments – none of which were derived from or encouraged by any new tax law.”

Personal Passions:
Family, Flying and Federer

When Jorge isn’t navigating finances for his clients in Valencia, he’s piloting a private plane over the Southern California sky.

Jorge and wife Peggy, who is the company’s executive assistant, have been married five years; both have children from previous marriages. He has two sons, Matthew, 25, and Bryan, 20. Peggy’s daughter Daniela is 15, and son Nicolas is 13.

When not putting his clients at ease or spending quality time with his modern-day Brady Bunch, Perazzo just might be flying several thousand feet over Southern California.

“My favorite passion is flying, and I’ve been a licensed private pilot since 2005,” said Perazzo, who usually rents a single-engine plane at the Van Nuys airport for a day, with Peggy a frequent flying partner.

“I have about 260 hours,” he said. “I don’t fly much, but I fly enough to have fun. Once I’m in the air, it’s this three- dimensional feeling you don’t get in a car or on a bike. We fly to another airport, have a burger or go shopping somewhere, and fly back. Something fun.”

As office visitors can surmise by the Roger Federer canvas oil portrait on the wall, both Perazzos are also dedicated tennis enthusiasts. They play each other, follow the pro circuit participate in competitive leagues and occasionally attend major tournaments.

But Jorge Perazzo is primarily focused on putting his clients at ease about their finances. His dedication has earned the respect of not only his private and corporate clients, but also top financial advisors who refer their clients to him.

Among them is Fred Wachtel, financial advisor and Vice President – Investments with Wells Fargo Advisors.

“I am very pleased with the feedback I get from my clients who have used Jorge,” Wachtel said in an online testimonial. “He takes time to get to know them, so he can give them the best advice possible. Anyone in the market for a CPA will be in good hands with Jorge.”

With Perazzo as their financial co-pilot, helping keep their wealth on course and climbing, it’s no wonder his clients experience “tranquilo.”

“I really enjoy meeting new people, because when they become clients they tell me how much I’ve put their mind at ease so they can concentrate on their business,” he said. “I get such great satisfaction when I know I’ve helped them.”

The Office of Jorge Perazzo
Certified Public Accountant
25350 Magic Mountain Parkway Suite 300,
Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 481-2219

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