Issue 3 » The Relationship Between Consumers and Business Owners in 2018

Happy New Year! 2018 is here and regardless of what the future brings, most of us have in the forefront of our minds protecting our wealth and health by making wise choices and good buying decisions. This can be challenging as a consumer if all we know about the businesses in our community are their advertisements. This needs to change because the relationship between businesses in our community and consumers deserves more than the superficial pictures and prices of products and services. It’s imperative for consumers to learn more about a business; who operates the business, what they stand for, what their contribution to the community is, so consumers can make an informed and wise buying decision.

Some of the finest business owners in our region have created a unique platform for you to get to know them beyond price points and advertisements. We hope you enjoy reading their stories and collective wisdom on family wealth and health.

On our cover we are proud to showcase Nola, Fred and Jorge. We found them to be truly inspiring professionals dedicated to perfecting their business and bringing satisfaction to their customers. We hope you enjoy reading their stories and their thoughts on wealth, wisdom and wellness. As you get to know them we hope you’ll keep them in mind the next time you are looking to make a good buying decision.

Happy Reading.

CEO | President, CT3Media, Inc.

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