Issue 4 » Publisher’s Note: Welcome to the Latest Edition of Wealth | Wisdom | Wellness

Welcome to the latest edition of Wealth | Wisdom | Wellness (3W), a magazine of collective wisdom on family wealth and health featuring in-depth showcase interviews with select business owners.

Like others who live and work in and around the Santa Clarita Valley, these business owners have helped create this platform to connect with our readers by sharing the success stories of their businesses. They want you to get to know them beyond price points and carnival-barking ads.

On the cover of this issue, we are proud to feature Myles, Sepi and Marguerite. We found them to be truly inspiring professionals dedicated to perfecting their businesses and bringing satisfaction to their customers.

Through their stories, we learn how hard each of them works to provide their customers with excellent products and services.

Their experiences and those of our other featured business leaders in this edition provide relevant, useful insight on wealth, wisdom and wellness for all our readers.

As you get to know all the business owners featured in Wealth | Wisdom | Wellness, we hope you’ll feel comfortable reaching out to them the next time you’re looking to make a good buying decision for your family.

Happy reading!

CEO | President, CT3Media, Inc.

P.S.: A special note of appreciation to Aviator CPA Jorge Perazzo for taking 3W Editor Stephen K. Peeples on a special flight just to take aerial photos of our beautiful valley for this issue.

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Stephen K. Peeples Editor/Features Writer
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Rory Aronsky Editorial Assistant
Ben Lizardi
Art Director
Julian Le Ballister Photography
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Remy Cashman Business Development Specialist

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