Dr. Sepi Fatahi: Valencia Dentist Lives a Childhood Dream

By Stephen K. Peeples

As a precocious Santa Clarita Valley third-grader in the late 1980s, Sepi Fatahi became fascinated with dentistry after a female dentist visited her school on a Career Day.

The eight-year-old decided that day she wanted to be a dentist and own a dental office when she grew up, so she could help people in her new hometown of Valencia keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Fast-forwarding to August 2017, Dr. Sepi Fatahi, D.M.D finally achieved her dream – to become a general dentist and own and operate a multi-specialty practice in her hometown. Continue reading “Dr. Sepi Fatahi: Valencia Dentist Lives a Childhood Dream”

Aging with Power: Myles McNamara, Comfort Keepers In-Home Care Help Seniors Stay Home

“If you needed somebody to take care of your mom so she could stay in her own home, would you want to just Google somebody and get some stranger?” Myles McNamara, Comfort Keepers In-Home Care owner-president, asked rhetorically. “Of course not. You’d rather say, ‘Wait, I know Myles. He owns Comfort Keepers. He’s hands-on, they’ve been engaged in our community for almost 20 years. Let’s call him.’” Continue reading “Aging with Power: Myles McNamara, Comfort Keepers In-Home Care Help Seniors Stay Home”

All in the Family: Nola Aronson, Advanced Audiology Help the Peeples Hear Better

Two Peeples’ Experiences with Advanced Audiology’s Free Hearing Checkup and 45-Day Hearing Device Test-Drive

Nola Aronson, the award-winning Santa Clarita Valley audiologist, entrepreneur, teacher, philanthropist and author, recently invited this writer to her Advanced Audiology office in Valencia for a free, no-obligation hearing checkup. Continue reading “All in the Family: Nola Aronson, Advanced Audiology Help the Peeples Hear Better”

Time is Running Out for SCV Teen with Deadly Genetic Disorder

Update on Sebastian Velona Foundation’s Race to Cure Batten Disease CLN8

Story and Photos by Stephen K. Peeples

There’s good news and bad news in our third update on a Santa Clarita Valley family’s race to find a cure for Batten Disease CLN8.

As detailed in our last issue, the neurological disorder strikes children, including 14-year-old Sebastian Velona (nicknamed Sebi). It degenerates their nervous systems and is usually fatal by Sebi’s age. Continue reading “Time is Running Out for SCV Teen with Deadly Genetic Disorder”

Life Coach Marguerite Berg: For Each Person in Life, it’s ‘My Shoes, My Journey’

By Stephen K. Peeples

“Effective coaching involves thought, strategies and action. In my personalized sessions, I focus on the present and the future, with client-defined goals, well-thought-out strategies and step-by-step action plans.”

Walking into Marguerite Berg’s cozy Santa Clarita office as she welcomes you with a big smile and warm embrace feels like finding shelter from a storm. Continue reading “Life Coach Marguerite Berg: For Each Person in Life, it’s ‘My Shoes, My Journey’”

Dr. Craig J. Helm Takes a Closer Look at Summer Eye Injuries

A Conversation with Stephen K. Peeples

“I’ve seen everything from ice picks to drills, weed- whackers to blow darts, broken Christmas ornaments to gunshot wounds – the whole gamut.”

Summer’s here and the time is ripe for – accidents, including mishaps involving our eyes and eyesight. We take our vision for granted until we, or a loved one, suffer some traumatic injury.

Fortunately for Santa Clarita Valley residents, Dr. Craig J. Helm is an expert in treating severe eye trauma, so help is not far away. Continue reading “Dr. Craig J. Helm Takes a Closer Look at Summer Eye Injuries”

SOUND ADVICE: Hear Better, Live Better with Nola Aronson

“I want to help you lead a better social life. I will not give up until you can say I changed your life. Otherwise, there’s no sense in doing it.”
– Nola Aronson

By Stephen K. Peeples

I just love helping other people, and creating and growing my business,” said Nola Aronson, owner/CEO of Advanced Audiology in Valencia, the largest diagnostic hearing center in the Santa Clarita Valley. Continue reading “SOUND ADVICE: Hear Better, Live Better with Nola Aronson”

Health Coach Brings Hipness to His Healing Practice

Hippocratic quotes inspire mission to extend healthspan

Hippocrates is considered by many to be the father of modern medicine, to whom we attribute a number of quotes relevant to medicine, most famous of which is: “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

LaRue Palmer is a career chef turned integrative nutrition health coach, turned diabetes educator, with a mission to teach people to do just that, let food be their medicine and, therefore, their medicine be their food.

Palmer will launch his newly created Dietbetic Healing program early this year as part of Chiro-Integrative Health Center’s restructured chiropractic and wellness practice run by partner Tyra Beavers, DC, in Beverly Hills. Continue reading “Health Coach Brings Hipness to His Healing Practice”

Batten CLN8 Update: Genetic Therapy Dream Team Seeks to Save Kids’ Lives

In the last issue of Wealth | Wisdom | Wellness, we put the spotlight on the urgent quest to find a cure for Batten Disease CLN8, a genetic disorder that affects children by attacking and degenerating their nervous systems.

CLN8 and variants like CLN2 and CLN6 are often misdiagnosed because DNA analysis is required for a proper diagnosis. The disorder is usually fatal before a child reaches adulthood.

And we introduced you to a local family that’s fighting CLN8. Valencia parents Teri and Michael E. Fox are witnessing their 14-year-old son Sebastian, nicknamed Sebi, a bright, active, loving child, rapidly lose his ability to walk and talk. Continue reading “Batten CLN8 Update: Genetic Therapy Dream Team Seeks to Save Kids’ Lives”

Designing the Future of Smiles

By LaRue Palmer

Dr. Siman is an architect of smile design. He is also a world renowned leader in alleviating people’s suffering from TMJ issues such as headaches, migraines, ear congestion, ringing in the ears, neck pain and teeth grinding. He teaches dentists around the world the benefits of building a practice based on first balancing a patients bite by eliminating TMJ issues before designing and only then beautifying their smile. A graduate of UCLA, Eddie Siman received his doctorate from the University of the Pacific in San Francisco. He is the author of two books, Life Changing Transformations and TMJ/ TMD Treatment and Relief. Dr. Siman has transformed the lives of many Hollywood celebrities and has been featured in various media and publications, most recently on “The Doctors” television show featuring his one day smile makeover. Continue reading “Designing the Future of Smiles”

“Can You Hear Me Now?”

Audiologist Dr. Patrice Rifkind Understands How Hearing Care is Health Care

By LaRue Palmer

No one in the Santa Clarita Valley knows more about treatment for hearing loss than Dr. Patrice Rifkind, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology. Dr. Rifkind is owner of Audiology Associates Hearing Center, located right here in the Santa
Clarita Valley for over 15 years. She’s helped thousands of people hear better and communicate with family, friends and business associates. Continue reading ““Can You Hear Me Now?””

California Dreamers

In the media we often see depictions of California health culture; yet it’s a false impression that everyone in our state is obsessed with health, fitness and wellness. The reality is borne out in disturbing statistics that paint a completely different picture of our nation’s state of health. We are increasingly becoming a nation that is physically obese, yet nutritionally starving to death. And the burden that this phenomenon puts on our so-called healthcare system is staggering. Continue reading “California Dreamers”

Batten CLN8: A Disease that Attacks Our Children

It’s important to fully understand the scope of the Sebastian Velona Foundation because it is not about collecting funds to pay for one particular child’s doctor bills.

It is about collecting funds for all children stricken with Batten CLN8 and curing this horrible disease that afflicts many more children than we think.

If Sebastian Velona can’t get treatment it means that other children afflicted by this disease may never receive treatment. And that can’t be acceptable to anyone reading this article. Continue reading “Batten CLN8: A Disease that Attacks Our Children”

People Forget what Normal Vision was Like

A Conversation with Dr. Craig Helm

Santa Clarita is a community of parents who love being with one another at their children’s activities. I remember seeing a dad in the stands who couldn’t see his son on the field until a lady lent her glasses to him. He said, “I can actually see my son’s face. I can’t believe I’ve been missing this for so many years.” He asked for the best eye doctor in town and the consensus of the baseball moms was to go see Dr. Helm. Continue reading “People Forget what Normal Vision was Like”

The Chef from Outer Space

LaRue Palmer, former SpaceX Chef describes his journey of feeding 4,000 employees a day, and how that led him to becoming a nutritional expert and diabetes educator.

3W: LaRue – let’s get right down to it. SpaceX? Are you kidding me? That has got to be the coolest place to work, let alone being a chef for Elon Musk and his 4,000 employees! Continue reading “The Chef from Outer Space”

“The Doctor Will See You Now!”

If you live in Santa Clarita and have an urgent need for an eye doctor, you won’t have to travel on the 405 freeway to the Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA because right here in Valencia the Helm Vision Group has one of best eye doctors in the country.

“America is not great because it is diverse, America is diverse because it is great. If you work hard, you will better your situation, and you will succeed in some measure. Regardless of your race or gender, if you want to achieve the American dream what you need is opportunity. Opportunity is the American dream.” Continue reading ““The Doctor Will See You Now!””